FBQ Filipino-Style Barbecue Marinade and Sauce

Filipino-style barbecues are sweet and tasty grilled barbecues.  Most popular is the pork barbecue in bamboo skewers as well as grilled chicken thighs or quarters. But you can almost grill any other meat using the same marinade and sauce including ribs, chops, steaks or even other offal parts like “isaw” which are very popular street food items in the Philippines.

Our barbecue marinade is a liquidy marinade that allows the flavors to enter into the meat much better. Our barbecue sauce is best used to baste meat while grilling for added flavor or it can be used as a condiment.  The barbecue sauce also works well with deep fried chicken wings as a coating as well as with pulled pork.

Back in 2017, we opened our first Filipino Barbecue restaurant in Webster, TX. Unfortunately, we were unable to support the business anymore and in 2019 we closed the restaurant location for good. But, our desire to share to America our Filipino food led us to create cooking videos online to teach both Filipinos and non-Filipinos how to cook and prepare some of our amazing dishes. (You can find links to these videos above and below)

Deciding to bottle our special barbecue marinade and sauce is just our small way of trying to continue our business from where we left off. We hope you do try our barbecue marinades and sauces as they are truly amazing!

Ordering our FBQ Marinade and Sauce:

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